Why participate?

There are many benefits to EQA participation, including:
·       Harmonising the quality of diagnostic and/or clinical service;
·       Ensuring:   quality across national borders;
                           provision of genetic counselling is the same for all family members;
                           uniformity in practices and aiding in the development of services;
·       Helping:   establish continuous quality improvement;
                         centres to stay up-to-date;
·       Identifying:   imperfect practice and improves quality thus ensuring patient safety;
                              problems/flaws with diagnostic kits;
                              flaws in a laboratory's internal quality control, equipment, training etc. - i.e. quality management system (QMS);     
·       Improving:  the diagnostic service of laboratories;
·       Educating:  participants with the aim of improving the overall service to the user;
·       Building:  public confidence through external verification/validation of service quality; 
·       Providing:   a surveillance role of laboratories adherence to professional guidelines and international standards;
                            comparison between laboratories may help refine good laboratory standards and aid in establishing best practice guidelines.    






Last updated: Monday, 18 March 2019
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