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Genomic Quality Assessment (GenQA) is an External Quality Assessment (EQA) provider.  GenQA is a member of UK NEQAS Consortium, is a self funding and not-for-profit organisation. Please note EQA is also sometimes referred to as Proficiency Testing. 

GenQA provides a broad, consistent and sustainable range of relevant EQAs at a reasonable cost to the genomic community worldwide.  GenQA offers more than 80 different EQAs for a range of somatic, germline and acquired diseases and disorders currently tested in diagnostic genetic laboratories and a range of technical EQAs.   

GenQA gives objective information and advice to diagnostic laboratories and Clinical Genetics centres covering PGD, Somatic and Acquired Genetics, and Molecular Pathology.  GenQA advises on the quality of the laboratory's analytical and interpretative performance, in order to help them provide accurate and reliable test results and advice to clinicians, which facilitates optimal patient care. In addition, the Clinical Genetics Education case scenarios enable clinicians to review their practice and facilitate optimal patient care.  Advances in our understanding of genetic diseases has led to a revolution in testing technologies. GenQA is committed to providing external quality assessment in this rapidly evolving field.

GenQA also offers a Genomics Training Assessment and Competence tool (G-TACT) to provide a source of external review and evidence continual professional development for the individual. Currently this includes sample reception, duty scientist, data analysis, variant interpretation and report authorisation. 

GenQA offers an online tissue assessment EQA module to enable individuals to evidence their competency to select appropriate tissue areas for genomic testing. This module covers a range of tissue types (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and sarcoma). Participants mark the regions of tumour they deem appropriate for macrodissection for molecular testing, drawing the boundary using the online EQA module.

GenQA meets the need for an global genomic EQA provider at a time where more and more genomic samples are crossing borders to be assessed in different countries. 

Last updated: Monday, 18 March 2019
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