Focus On webinars for 2020

Posted 22/07/2020

The topics for the Focus On webinars are now available for the remainder of 2020: 

Molecular Genetics disorders - 2019 performance issues                   June

Clinical Genetics - general review                                                          July

Haematological Neoplasms - lymphoma and CLL                                August

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) - common EQA findings       September

Molecular Pathology - NTRK fusions                                                     October

Molecular Newborn screening - SCID                                                    November

Pre/Postnatal - Interpretation of CNVs                                                   December

Information regarding each webinar and registration details will be published on our website and social media at the beginning of each month.  The recording of the Molecular Genetics webinar is now available on the GenQA YouTube channel.  




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