Tissue-i (tumour assessment) Run 5 released

Posted 25/06/2019

You are invited to participate in this GenQA EQA pilot for the assessment of tumour and cellularity content of H&E stained formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue and fresh frozen tissue samples requiring molecular testing.

  • To deliver this EQA, GenQA has developed an online digital pathology assessment module in partnership with Philips. 
  • This pilot EQA is provided as an online module using the Genetics Training and  Assessment Competency Tool (G-TACT).
  • Seven tumour types are included; breast, colorectal/gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, gynaecological tract, lung, melanoma and urology.
  • Participants can complete the tissue module(s) related to their speciality i.e. you are not required to complete a tissue type module which you do not routinely assess.

For more details please email us at info@genqa.org



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