How to enrol for EQAs annually

GenQA invites your laboratory to participate, in our external quality assessments, by enrolling online using your website account. You can login here.  Enrolment opens at in the autumn for the following year, and participants are notified by email.

Prompt registration is encouraged; therefore reduced participation fees are applied when a laboratory registers before the 15th February.  EQA registration after this date will result in a 10% enrolment surcharge.  However, for the first year of GenQA we are not implementing this policy to enable participants to become familiar with the new website. Therefore no enrolment surcharge will be applied during 2018.

An Annual Administration Fee of £150 will be applied to every laboratory.

By enrolling in any GenQA EQA you are agreeing to abide by the conditions of participation outlined on this website. Enrolment is also accepted through the year so please contact GenQA on for further information. 

If your laboratory has a website account then please login to enrol.

Swiss Laboratories
In accordance with Swiss law, GenQA collaborates with CSCQ who distribute our EQA samples, issue invoices and official Performance Certificates to Swiss laboratories. Therefore GenQA sends all EQA samples for Swiss laboratories to CSCQ in Chêne-Bourg for further distribution to the laboratories.  This leads to a slight delay in Swiss laboratories receiving their samples. If you are a Swiss laboratory and you have not received your sample(s) within the period stated in the EQA open email, please contact for more detail stating your laboratory number as well as the EQA(s) in question.




Last updated: Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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