EQA Participation

Where do I find further information about available EQAs? 
Distribution, sample type, accepted testing methods cost and EQA requirements information can be found by clicking here.

Can I still participate if our laboratory only offers one test/gene for a particular EQA?
Yes, the cases always include different disorders so you will be able to participate.  If you are unable to answer a particular case, please upload a letter indicating that your laboratory does not offer that test.

Can I still participate once online enrolment has closed? 
General enrolment closes at the end of February.  Late enrolment requests may be accommodated for EQAs that are offered later in the year, assuming adequate samples are available. 

How do I know when my EQA is open?
The timetable of planned dates for different EQAs is available here.  Participants will be emailed once the EQA is available., and, once the EQA is live, will also be able to see the EQA dates on the website under ‘Schemes’.

GenQA reserves the right to change EQA start dates; in which case, participants will be notified of the change in date.

How do I know when my EQA results are available to view?
EQA participants are notified by email when results are released.

What are the Terms and Conditions of GenQA?
The Terms and Conditions of participation in GenQA are outlined in the Participants Manual.  Each participant is required to agree to adhere to the GenQA Terms and Conditions annually.

Can I submit my reports in French or German?
All reports must be submitted in English.  If they are submitted in an alternative language, they will be marked for genotyping only.

EQA Cost

How much does participation in GenQA EQAs cost?
GenQA is a not-for-profit, self-funding organisation and strives to keep EQA fees as low as possible. EQA prices are reviewed annually and may rise in line with inflation (United Kingdom Consumer Price Index).

The price list for individual EQAs can be found here. Please note that an Annual Registration fee of £150 is added to every invoice.

Is there a discount I can apply for to help with the EQA cost?
GenQA offers a 30% discount for laboratories from Evolving Economies. To find out if your laboratory qualifies and details on how to apply, please see our Evolving Economies Discount Policy.

Please note that the Annual Subscription Fee (currently £150) is still payable in full.

EQA Sample Distribution

When will samples be distributed?
Multiple distributions occur throughout the year with all EQA distribution dates listed in the EQA timetable.  Participants are notified by email when samples have been dispatched for their EQA.  EQA dates are also listed on the Scheme Page of the website once you are logged in. 

Late/Damaged Samples
If your samples do not arrive by the date stipulated in the dispatch email or arrive damaged/incomplete then please contact info@genqa.org immediately.  If replacement samples are available, they will be sent as soon as possible.

GenQA Online Account - Registration and Enrolment

How do I register for an account?
If you are new to GenQA, please register for an account by clicking here and completing the short online registration form.  Once your registration has been approved you will receive a unique laboratory number and login details.

If you previously had an account with CEQAS or UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics, your account information has been moved to the GenQA website. Please use the email address registered with your previous account and reset your password using the “forgotten my password” button.

I am trying to enrol in EQAs but I cannot see the catalogue when I log in?
Only Primary Contacts and designated members of staff can enrol in EQAs. Please ask your Primary Contact to add the necessary permission levels to your account.

How do I know which EQAs I am enrolled in?
Once your enrolment has been processed you will be able to see all the EQAs for which your laboratory is enrolled under ‘EQAs’.  

Prior to your enrolment being processed, you can find your EQA order by selecting ‘Administration’ from the main menu and then clicking on ‘Orders.  To see the details of each order please click on ‘View’, ensuring you have selected the correct EQA season (i.e. the current year).

GenQA Online Account Access Issues

I am unable to log in
Please ensure that you are using the correct username and password.   If you have forgotten your login details, enter your email address in the User Name field of the log in page and click ‘Forgot Password’.   A link providing your user name and allowing you to re-set your password will be emailed.

How do I change my Password?
To change your password you need to log in, select ‘User Preferences’ and then click the ‘Change Password’ option. 

How can I change my User Name?
Your user name is fixed to your account and cannot be changed.  However, you can set up an ‘Alias’ account to avoid having to use your user name.  To set up the Alias, you need to log in, select ‘User Preferences’, enter the Alias User Name you want to use and click ‘Create Alias’.

I want to add another member of staff to my laboratory contact list?
Only the Primary Contact can add staff to the laboratory contact list.   You need to log in, select ‘Laboratory Staff’ and then click on ‘Add Staff member’.  The system defaults to ‘qamanager.labuser” which will allow the member of staff to access EQA but not to enrol in EQA or submit results. If your new member of staff requires these additional permission levels then please select ‘qamanager.labadmin’. Equally, if that particular new staff member participates in G-TACT then please add the appropriate permission levels. Please note that staff can have more than one permission level.

I need to change the permission levels for a member of staff?
Only the Primary Contact can change permission levels of their staff.  You need to log in, select ‘Laboratory Staff’ and then click on ‘Add Staff member’.  In order to allow a particular member of staff to enrol in EQA or submit results you need to change their permission levels to ‘qamanager.labadmin’. Please note that staff can have more than one permission level.

GenQA Online Account - Submitting Results

I cannot submit EQA results?
Only Primary Contacts and designated members of staff can upload or finalise EQA results.  Please ask your Primary Contact to change your permission level.  
If you have permission levels enabling you to submit EQA results please check the EQA submission period as the upload facility may have closed, and if so contact us at info@genqa.org. Please note that the system will only accept pdf files so make sure you convert your reports to pdf before uploading them to the system. 

I have accidentally uploaded/submitted the wrong results.
If you realise before the EQA closing deadline that you have uploaded the wrong results for a Sample Distribution EQA then you can delete the document you have uploaded and upload the correct document at any time before the EQA closes.  If your submission is incorrect for an Online Image Analysis EQA or a Tissue-i module, please contact info@genqa.org immediately and GenQA staff will allow re-submission. Unfortunately, no changes to EQA submissions can be made once the EQA has closed.  Please make sure that you check your submission once you have uploaded it.

How can I view my results and other details on my website account?
A user website guide can be found here.

I cannot see the Individual Laboratory Report (ILR/EQA Results) or Summary Report for the EQAs I participated in previously.
All EQAs that you participated in with CEQAS or UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics are available on their websites. You need to log into the respective website (www.ceqas.org or www.ukneqas-molgen.org.uk) with your old login details, select ‘Schemes’ from the main menu and then set the Scheme Season to the year you wish to view. These EQA documents are NOT available on the GenQA website.

If you are trying to view the ILRs or Summary Reports for a GenQA EQA, please select ‘EQA’ from the main menu and then set the Season to the year you wish to access.

GenQA Online Account - Updating Laboratory Information

How do I update the name of my organisation?
Please email the new organisation name along with your laboratory EQA number to info@genqa.org.

How can I change the organisation name on our Participation or Performance Certificate?
Please email the new organisation name along with your laboratory EQA number to info@genqa.org.  Once the details are updated, you will be able to download an updated certificate.

How do I change the details of the Primary Contact for our laboratory?
Please email the name of the new Primary Contact, their email address along with your laboratory EQA number to info@genqa.org.

Appealing Scores received for an EQA

Once you have been notified by email that the initial EQA results are available online you have 10 working days to appeal your results. To do this, please click on the ‘Appeal’ option under the EQA in questions and download the appeals form. As this is a dynamic form to which both you and GenQA office can add comments it is important that you save this form on your computer without changing the file extension (.rtf). Enter the details/reason for your appeal in the relevant field of the form, save it and re-upload it to the website within the 10 day period (the closing date for appeals is also visible on the website under EQA). GenQA cannot accept appeals received after the deadline. Please note that there is no appeals process for pilot EQAs.

All appeals are submitted to the relevant Specialist Advisory Group (SAG) for consideration. The SAG will either accept your appeal, partially accept your appeal or reject your appeal. The decision of the SAG will be added to the Appeals Form and you will be notified by email once the process is completed and your Appeals Form is available for you to download. If the appeal has been accepted or partially accepted there will be a change to your ILR and you will be asked to download the revised ILR for your records. The decision of the SAG is final.


Is my laboratory information confidential?
When you register your laboratory with GenQA you will be given a unique Laboratory Number (G*****).  This number should not be disclosed to anyone outside your laboratory.  All documentation (i.e. ILRs and Appeals) will state only reference your laboratory number only. 

The only documentation that includes the name of the laboratory are the Participation/Performance Certificates.

Why do I have to anonymise my reports?
We recommend the removal of all laboratory identifiers (name, address, accreditation number, staff names and signatures) from the reports you submit for any GenQA EQA.  This ensures the integrity of the marking process as assessors are unable to identify laboratories.  Please note that, that GenQA are unable to remove this information from your submission, therefore ensure that you check your reports are anonymised before uploading.

Your laboratory information is stored by GenQA in accordance with EU regulations (GDPR).  If you have any further questions regarding confidentiality of your data please contact us at info@genqa.org.





Last updated: Tuesday, 15 October 2019
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