2019 Additional lung cancer biomarkers

Scheme description
Testing for additional lung cancer biomarkers - Four formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples distributed.
Scheme comments
One distribution per year in September. Six weeks are given for testing and reporting. An EQA summary report and an individual laboratory score report is published in January and is followed by an appeals process with the final EQA summary report being published in March. This EQA assesses the testing for ROS1, RET and MET (amplification) . If you do not routinely test for these biomarkers then you are not required to set up a new test for this EQA. If your laboratory does not routinely test for one of these genes then please contact GenQA. The cases always have a mix of gene testing so you will be able to participate.The FFPE samples can be supplied as 1) rolled sections for testing by RT-PCR/NGS base methods or 2) slides for testing by FISH/IHC. Please indicate your sample choice when enrolling.
Enrolment available from
Friday 5th October 2018
Any testing methodology.
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