EQA fees, information & timetable

Participants will be charged for all EQAs in which they are enrolled, regardless of whether they submit results for the EQA or not, refunds are only payable in exceptional circumstances. In case of non-payment of invoices the Scheme reserves the right to withhold EQA results and/or refuse participation in future EQAs until outstanding invoices have been settled.

The current EQA Timetable is available to download here - GenQA 2018-19 EQA Timetable

The list of EQAs and associated fees for the 2019-20 EQA year are available to download here - GenQA 2019-20 Scheme Fees

For 2018, invoices will be raised either by NHS Lothian or by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Invoices to Swiss laboratories will be raised through Centre Suisse de Contrôle de Qualité (CSCQ).

Participants are responsible for maintaining correct Billing and Delivery details via the laboratory website account.

Last updated: Monday, 11 February 2019
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